Work Package 6

WP6, Legal, environmental and social aspects, is dedicated to the study of non-technical aspects that influence the implementation of well re-use application, from regulatory aspects to public acceptance. The work will be realized at national level, acknowledging the differences between countries and the specific issues raised by different cultures and societies. The specific objectives are:

  • Enable informed decision-making on well re-use through identification of legal and environmental requirements, through production of a guidance document.
  • Accelerate preparation of storage permits by identifying national and international permitting processes and providing clarity on specific well re-use requirements.
  • Inform and improve current legal and environmental frameworks to enable well re-use through engagement with policy makers and regulatory bodies.
  • Enable stakeholders to make decisions on well re-use based on analysis of issues associated with public acceptance of CCUS.

The first two specific objectives will be achieved through an assessment of environmental and legal framework in participating countries done in close collaboration with industry partners and relevant Governmental departments or authorities for oil and gas exploitation and CO2 geological storage. As a result of this assessment, potential legislative gaps and barriers that may affect the re-use of existing wells for CCUS will be identified. Based on the identified gaps, suggestions for improvement of current frameworks will be made. For the achievement of the last specific objective, partners will assess public perception and acceptance relating to re-use of wells for CO2 storage in their respective countries. This assessment will also highlight potential problems relating to public acceptance in the participating countries and will help in developing a common public communication strategy to be used for future projects involving well re-use and CO2 injection/storage.