REX-CO2 will increase the technical feasibility and economic competitiveness of high-potential depleted hydrocarbon fields earmarked for CO2 storage. The specific objectives are:

  • Develop a publicly available well re-use screening tool which helps stakeholders to make informed decisions on the CCS re-use potential of certain wells or fields
  • Demonstrate the application of the developed tool to perform dedicated re-use assessment, including technical, ecological and economic aspects with candidate wells/fields from multiple international sites
  • Perform laboratory testing on relevant re-use risk scenarios, provide recommendations for (smart) material selection in re-used wells; feed coupled thermo-hydraulic-mechanical-chemical (THMC) models and improve failure predictions
  • Provide guidance for the development of re-use permit applications
  • Gain an improved understanding on public acceptance and provide guidance on the socio-economic aspects of re-using oil and gas infrastructures


The results of REX-CO2 are expected to facilitate large-scale CCUS implementation by providing a tool to evaluate and rank the CO2 re-use potential of hydrocarbon fields. The developed technology is not limited to a particular sector of CO2 storage but will accelerate all types of CCS. Key results will include:

  • Synthesised findings from developing a public re-use well screening tool for re-using existing hydrocarbon fields
  • Key findings in laboratory experiments, including well cement state of stress, material self-healing potential and implications for integrity of re-used wells
  • Field scale numerical simulation results for different re-use field scenarios
  • Field case re-use studies for selected wells and depleted fields in all six partner countries
  • Assessment of public acceptance and recommendations for future projects involving well re-use for CO2 injection/storage
  • Development of technical and socioeconomic best practice recommendations for re-using existing wells for CO2 storage

Work Packages


September 2019 - August 2022

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The project REX-CO2 is funded through the ACT programme (Accelerating CCS Technologies, Horizon2020 Project No. 294766). Financial contributions made from ADEME (FR); RVO (NL); Gassnova and RCN (NO); UEFISCDI (RO); BEIS, NERC, and EPSRC (UK); and US-DOE (USA) are gratefully acknowledged. For more information on ACT, visit their website.



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