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The project REX-CO2 is funded through the ACT programme (Accelerating CCS Technologies, Horizon2020 Project No. 294766). Financial contributions made from ADEME (FR); Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy (NL); Gassnova and RCN (NO); UEFISCDI (RO); BEIS, NERC, and EPSRC (UK); and US-DOE (USA) are gratefully acknowledged. The contents of this website do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the funding agencies.


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Strictly necessary cookies

These cookies are placed on your browser for the performance of the website. There are three in total: a consent cookie, a status cookie, and an access cookie. The consent cookie stores your preferences for which of this website's cookies you would like to allow. The status cookie enables certain informational popups, mostly dealing with the member site which is password protected, as opposed to the public site:

  • Contact form sent popup (public site)
  • Subscription status popup (public site)
  • Successfully signed up popup (member login page)
  • Repeat sign-up popup (member login page)
  • No user found popup (member login page)
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  • New password sent because of forgotten password popup (member login page)
  • Update of member profile popup (member site)
  • No update of member profile popup (member site)
  • Update of member password popup (member site)
  • Access of member updated (member site)

The access cookie simply stores the access level of the user to display a popup telling the user the status of their submitted request to the member site, as well as to display certain elements on the member site to the REX-CO2 management.

On the news page, you will find the REX-CO2 Twitter feed. More information about the cookies from Twitter can be found here: link.

Analytics cookies

The REX-CO2 website uses Google Analytics to help get insights about the use of the website. This will only be enabled if you have allowed analytics cookies via your cookie preferences. More information about the cookies from Google Analytics can be found here: link.


REX-CO2 does not collect any personal data without your permission. Anonymous data is collected from Google Analytics if you have allowed that via your cookie preferences. Personal data is collected for either the newsletter or the member portal; see below for more information. This data will never be shared with or sold to any 3rd party organizations and will be deleted upon the termination of the project website.


When subscribing to the newsletter, you are agreeing to receive emails from REX-CO2. If you would like to unsubscribe, you can do so by following this link or clicking the button below. For this distribution list, the following personal data are collected:

  • E-mail address

Member portal

For the member portal, the following personal data are collected when you request access:

  • First and last name
  • Phone number
  • Organization
  • E-mail address
  • Password (encrypted)